Keeping My Dog Healthy

Keep Your Social Bird Happy While Away With The Help Of A Pet Kennel

While you may already be aware of how much of a help a boarding kennel can be for both dogs and cats, it's less common to know about how they can be accommodating for pet birds. Whether you have a parakeet or a parrot, you need to make sure that they will get plenty of attention while you're gone since most birds strive for attention each day. If you're unsure of whether a pet kennel is the right fit for your bird, it's a good idea to look into exactly what a kennel can offer for your feathered pet. Read More 

3 Diseases Your Cat Can Get From Ticks

While your outdoor cat may enjoy roaming around the neighborhood and exploring the outdoors, they face many hazards on their adventures, including tick bites. Ticks are blood-sucking arachnids that live in long grass or other foliage, and your cat may come into contact with them. When a tick feeds on your cat, it could pass a number of dangerous diseases to your pet. Here are three diseases your cat can get from ticks. Read More 

Doggone Nose! 4 Tips To Help Clear Your Dogs Stuffy Nose

Your dog uses its nose a lot. From making new friends, to looking for the perfect place to relieve itself, your dog's nose is working all day long. Unfortunately, sometimes your dog will sniff something up its nose that shouldn't be there, like a bug or a piece of grass. When that happens, your dog can develop a nasty case of sinusitis. While it's not life-threatening, it can make your dog uncomfortable. Read More 

Own A Dog? Take Care Of Its Teeth To Keep It Healthy

If you own a dog, there are many things you need to do to take care of it properly. This includes regular checkups from their vet, exercise, immunizations, and more. One thing you may have forgotten about is your dog's teeth. Just like your own teeth, it is important that you care for them properly. If you do not, they can have plaque and tartar build up that will lead to cavities. Read More 

How You Can Help Your Dog Deal With Their Fear Of Thunder

When you are a dog owner, the summer months can mean a lot of great times out and about with your beloved pooch. However, it can also mean that your dog will be running around barking crying, and trying to burrow or hide when thunderstorms hit. Many dogs have a strong fear of thunder that can lead to problematic behaviors and even injuries or illness. Get to know some of the ways that you can help your dog deal with their fear of thunder so that you and your veterinarian at the vet hospital can keep your dog as healthy and safe as possible. Read More 

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Keeping My Dog Healthy

I have always been an animal lover, but a few years ago when I got my first dog, I felt what it was like to truly care about an animal. My pet and I quickly became fast friends, and we went everywhere together. After we had grown quite close, I realized that I would die if anything happened to her, which is why I decided to search for a great veterinarian who could help me out. I found a great pet doctor who took preventive care and medical maintenance seriously, and we worked together to get my dog vaccinated. This blog is all about keeping your pet healthy so that you can enjoy a long, fun life together.

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