Keep Your Social Bird Happy While Away With The Help Of A Pet Kennel

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While you may already be aware of how much of a help a boarding kennel can be for both dogs and cats, it’s less common to know about how they can be accommodating for pet birds. Whether you have a parakeet or a parrot, you need to make sure that they will get plenty of attention while you’re gone since most birds strive for attention each day. If you’re unsure of whether a pet kennel is the right fit for your bird, it’s a good idea to look into exactly what a kennel can offer for your feathered pet.

Typically Less Expensive Then All-Day Pet Sitting

One of the biggest benefits of opting for a kennel over a pet sitter that visits your home is the fact that it is much more affordable, on average. When you pay a pet sitter to watch your bird throughout the entire day, you need to consider how much time the sitter is investing and the costs associated with it.

When you keep your bird at a pet boarding kennel, you won’t need to worry about excessive fees just for your bird to be watched. This can be a welcome alternative over paying for the costs associated with an all-day sitter and may even allow you to get additional services—such as playtime and even grooming, if offered.

Your Bird Can Be Placed in an Area with High Traffic

A great reason to rely on a kennel is that your bird can be surrounded by people at all hours throughout the day. Most boarding kennels will have a high traffic area where kennel attendants will be walking by throughout the day, such as a lobby or kitchen. If the kennel doesn’t have a room designated specifically for birds and small animals, you may be able to request that your bird be placed in one of these areas—something that is especially important for birds that need regular attention.

Kennels That Regularly Care for Birds Can Be Found

After you’ve made up your mind to rely on a boarding kennel, you shouldn’t rush into making the decision of which kennel to use. While it may be more uncommon, you could find a kennel that can safely watch birds and has kennel attendants familiar with what’s involved in their care.

As you prepare for leaving your bird when going on a trip away from home, you need to see exactly what is available for your bird and how a kennel can be the best solution for quality care. Contact a center like Marquette Animal Hospital to learn more.