2 Tips for Calming Your Dog Before a Blood Test at the Vet

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Just like humans, dogs have to undergo regular blood tests in order to ensure that they are in good health. Diseases and other bacterial infections can cause your dog’s blood cell count to change. A veterinarian will perform a routine test to ensure that your pet is not suffering from any infection that has gone unnoticed. These blood test can make even the calmest dog feel nervous. When your dog is nervous, it is difficult for the veterinarian to perform the blood test as quickly and efficiently as possible. Fortunately, there are a couple tips that you can use to calm your dog before taking them to the vet for their blood test.

Take Your Dog Out for a Run Before Their Blood Test

Running is often an easy way for your dog to work off any pent up energy that they may have developed throughout the day. Running can also be used to help calm your dog before it is time for them to see a veterinarian. The best way to tire out your dog is by taking them on a jog that lasts at least an hour. Running will allow all of the muscles in their body to relax, and they will be able to release any bottled up stress. You should perform this workout 30 minutes before your dog’s veterinarian appointment to relax them when they are under extreme pressure.

Give Your Dog a Massage Before Their Appointment

A massage is sometimes one of the easiest ways to get your dog to calm down and relax when they are under intense stress. You can perform a massage on your dog by starting towards the front of their head and working your hand gently along their spine. Repeat this motion for a few minutes until their body is relaxed and they have calmed down. Once done, place one hand over your dog’s head and another towards the base of your dog’s spinal cord. Allow your hands to rest here for a few minutes before stroking your dog’s entire spine once again. This massage should be performed right before your dog’s blood test in order to get them as calm as possible.

Getting a blood test is often incredibly routine. However, a trip to the vet can make your dog feel uneasy and nervous. Use these tips and talk to a veterinarian like those at Coastal Carolina Animal Hospital for more ways to keep your dog calm.