4 Must-Have Cat Grooming Tools

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Although cats are known for grooming themselves, it is still important for pet owners to take the time to aid cats with this task. Not only will your cat have a shiny coat as a result, but it will also be much healthier in the long run. Below are four must-have cat grooming tools that you won’t want to be without. 

Cat Brush

Start off brushing your cat’s fur on a regular basis. Not only will this reduce the amount of fur found on your furniture, or around the house, but it will also help eliminate hair balls. If you don’t have time to stop and brush your cat’s fur as often as you’d like, they make grooming arches that will do the job for you. When your cat walks under the grooming arch, the bristles on the grooming arch will catch any loose hair. 

Deshedding Tool

Once the weather starts to warm up, your cat will begin to shed. At this point, brushing may not be enough. That’s when a deshedding tool comes in handy. Some deshedding tools come with a dog grooming attachment, as well as two cat grooming attachments. There is one attachment for short-haired cats, and one for long-haired cats. You use the tool much the same way you utilize your cat brush, but this tool gets down into the undercoat, whereas the brush only reaches the topcoat. 

Nail Clippers

Clipping your cat’s nails can be a bit tricky. If this task makes you or your cat nervous, make an appointment with your veterinarian to have them clipped professionally. Should your cat have more of a mild and easy going temperament, there is no reason you can’t do this yourself. Simply press on the cat’s toe pad and her nails will extend out. Use the clippers to cut back the white part of the nail. Never cut near the pink! This is where your cat’s blood vessels are located. 


The American Veterinary Dental College reports that most cats by their third birthday show signs of periodontal disease. This may result in bad breath, swollen gums, and a decrease in appetite. The best way to prevent this is to make tooth brushing a part of your cat’s daily routine. They make special oral hygiene kits for cats, including a finger brush that fits over your finger. You can try it without the toothpaste until your cat is used to the ritual and then add the toothpaste later. 

Pet grooming also includes cleaning out your cat’s ears as needed and bathing the cat on occasion. You can have a friend help you with these tasks, or make use of the services of an experienced cat groomer. Contact a business, such as the Columbine Animal Hospital & Emergency Clinic for more information.