Care Options For Your Pet When You Are Traveling This Summer: Options For You

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When the summer season comes around, many people cannot wait to get away from home for a while and go on a vacation or trip. However, when you and you family are traveling your beloved cat and/or dog cannot just be left alone to fend for themselves. There are numerous care options available for your pet(s) when you are traveling and vacationing this summer. The important thing is to get to know your options and make your selection early so that your pet gets the care and attention they need while you are gone and you can maintain the peace of mind that your four-legged friend will not suffer while you are off on your summer adventures.   

Veterinarian-Provided Pet Boarding Services

If your veterinarian office offers pet boarding services, this may be a  good option for your pets when you are traveling over the summer. First of all, your veterinarian and their support staff of vet techs and other employees will already be familiar to your pets. They will recognize the people, the office, and the overall environment from their regular visits to the vet.

Another benefit to taking your pet to a veterinarian-provided pet boarding service is that if your pet should fall ill in while in their care, you veterinarian will be able to provide immediate medical attention to your pet to help them overcome their illness. You will know that your pet is getting the attention and general as well as veterinary care they may need while you are gone.

Pet Spas And Other Pet Boarding Services

There are numerous options for boarding your pet outside of the veterinarian’s office. Pet spas have become quite popular among many pet owners who want their dog and/or cat to get special pampering and treatment when they are gone.

Pet spas often offer larger accommodations for animals, special services like dog or cat massages, one-on-one attention from a caregiver, walks and interactions with other animals, and many other luxurious amenities. Other, non-veterinary pet boarding options can vary but may offer more exercise and companionship attention than your veterinarian’s office may be able to provide your pet.

In-Home Pet Sitting Services

You may prefer that your pets remain in their familiar home environment while you are traveling. With in-home pet sitting services this is also an option. Pet sitting services offer a range of care options including twice daily stop-ins for bathroom breaks and feedings, to more frequent visits, to 24-hour live-in care depending on what you want for your pets.

This allows you the option of having a person stay overnight with your pets to provide them with the companionship and loving attention they are used to, or simply having a person check in on them, provide food and water and breaks, and some attention throughout the day. Either way, your pet will be able to remain in the place in which they are most comfortable while getting care and assistance they want/need.

Now that you better understand the care options available for your pet when you are traveling this summer, you can make your plans and arrangements as soon as possible so that you can relax and enjoy your vacation knowing your pet is well taken care of while you are gone.