4 Common Overlooked Ailments In Dogs

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As a dog owner, you always want them to be in perfect health. Unfortunately, most dog owners tend to miss the subtle signs of pain dogs exhibit while suffering from certain maladies. Read on for advice on common, overlooked disorders that could be causing your dog pain. 

Corns and other foot pad lesions

Few dog owners realize how painful and life-altering foot pad lesions such as corns, scrapes and calluses can be to a dog. Nail-related illnesses such as ingrown toenails, snags, and cracks can also be painful and should be checked by a vet immediately.

Common signs that your dog may be suffering from foot pad/nail maladies include limping and continuous licking at the paw. The dog could also be less reluctant to move around or even experience a loss of appetite. Corns and ingrown nails should be removed by the vet so as to prevent infections and pain.

Corneal ulcers

Dogs can often injure their eyes when playing where shrubs, twigs, and other objects can puncture the cornea, causing excruciating pain. Common symptoms of an eye injury include a bit of discharge and squinting or pawing at the eye. Similarly, some dogs may have a bloodshot appearance to the eye.

Taking your dog to the vet for an eye exam is the easiest way to confirm an eye injury. If there is an issue, the vet will typically prescribe pain medication and a topical eye medication to stimulate healing of the cornea.

Ear infections

Ear infections are another common, yet greatly overlooked ailment in dogs. Typically, dogs suffer from mild infections of the outer ear which can often be signified by a strong yeast odor and shaking of the head.

If allowed to smolder for long, the infection can advance to inner parts of the ear canal, causing excruciating pain. In most cases, a dog will react to this pain by tilting their head or scratching the ears. Taking your dog to a vet for early treatment can prevent advancement of the ear infection and save your pet from severe pain and discomfort.


This is a common condition in young dogs where the long bones of the limbs grow and cause discomfort while walking. Most dog owners often mistake this condition for a strain or sprain, but vets (such as those from Animal Emergency Clinic) are often able to diagnose the condition by palpating the ulna, radius or femur or taking an x-ray of the limbs.

This condition often resolves itself on its own over time, but your vet may offer pain medication and advocate for rest until your pet gets over their growing pains.