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Four Ways To Find Cheap Spay And Neuter Services

If you have a lot of pets (or are simply on a budget), you may be intimidated by the cost of spay and neuter services. Spaying and neutering can be found at lower costs, however, without any reduction in care. There are a few places that you can go for a more affordable spay and neuter service, especially if you're from a financially disadvantaged household.

1. Local Shelters

Local shelters often have coupons for spaying and neutering, especially for stray animals that you find and choose to adopt. In fact, if you find a stray animal, you can often turn the animal in to the shelter and then adopt them for a fee later on; they will have not only their neutering and spaying done but also their vaccinations. 

2. Adoption Events

Many adoption events also double as spaying and neutering events -- in fact, occasionally these surgeries are even conducted mobile, on-site. Adoption events will often have information on where you can go to spay and neuter your pets, and many veterinary clinics may pass on coupons and discounts to those who attend. 

3. Veterinary Schools

Veterinary school students frequently practice their spaying and neutering under the tutelage of more experienced veterinarians. Many veterinary technicians and student vets work at shelters and run programs for low cost spaying and neutering. You can contact your local veterinary school directly to find out whether they run one of these programs and whether the program is open to the general public.

4. Spay and Neuter Specialty Clinics

Specialty clinics that only perform spaying and neutering will usually be far less expensive than other vets. They don't have the overhead that's required of other vets because they only maintain the equipment that they need to perform these operations. These clinics are often more efficient and are able to perform spaying and neutering very quickly. You can consult with them regarding whether they may have any sales or discount events in the future, as they may during "kitten season" or "puppy season" (traditionally around spring).

One thing that you should remember is always to purchase follow-up pain medication. Some spay and neuter services are generally for feral animals or strays, so they may not think to offer it. Oral pain medication is essential for your pet's comfort following the spaying and neutering process. Remember -- though spaying and neutering may be expensive, it's still not as expensive as having to raise a litter of animals and find them all homes.

For more information on spaying and neutering, contact a vet office like Norwin Veterinary Hospital.

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