Properly Caring For A Cat In Its Elderly Years

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If you have a cat who is getting up in age, you may wonder if there are additional steps you should be taking in its care to keep it healthy for as long as possible. There are some steps cat owners can take to keep their elderly pet comfortable as they age. A cat hits its senior stage at around eleven years old. A cat fifteen or older is considered to be in its geriatric stage. Here are some tips to use to help keep your older feline happy and healthy during these stages of life.

See A Veterinarian On A Regular Basis

As your cat ages, it will become more prone to sickness due to a deteriorating immune system. It will also be more likely to contract arthritis as its muscles weaken with age. An elderly cat is also more apt to have problems their gums and teeth. Seeing a veterinarian on a constant basis can be helpful. They would be able to recognize the signs of such ailments and would prescribe medication to help with pain if needed.

Offer Several Areas To Rest Throughout The Home

An elderly cat will be likely to sleep even more than they had at a younger age. As they get older, they will no longer be exercising as frequently. Providing several warm areas in your home for your cat to hunker down to rest will be helpful in its happiness.

Place a blanket in a cardboard box and set it on the floor in one of the areas the cat frequents. Place a flannel shirt on a seat cushion so your cat has an instant warm spot to take a nap. Keep your curtains or drapes open on sunny days so your cat can bask in the sunlight that comes through the window. Provide a few resting areas away from areas where there is abundant activity in your home. These resting areas will be sure to be utilized by your cat as they will be warm and quiet.

Take Time To Groom Your Cat Appropriately

Older cats often do not do as well at grooming themselves as they did during their younger years. You may need to help them clean up a bit after they go to the bathroom. Simply wet a washcloth with warm water to remove any debris from the hind end. Brush your cat every few days to keep their coat shiny and clean. Tend to your cat’s teeth by trying to use a rubber finger grip made especially for removing plaque and tartar from animals. Use a meat-flavored toothpaste to rub away bacteria. Tooth care items can be purchased from a pet store. As a cat ages, they will have difficulty retracting their claws. Clip your cat’s claws every month or two to help your elderly pet avoid getting snagged on carpeting or draperies.