Benefits Of Having Your New Cat Fixed

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If you are going to be bringing a new kitten into your home, you should really consider taking them into the veterinarian to be fixed soon after you get them. There are a lot of benefits from having your cat fixed that you want to make sure you take into consideration if you are thinking about leaving them unaltered. Learn about some of those benefits here:

You will save your furniture

If you don’t have your cat fixed, then there will be a greater chance that they will feel the need to spray on things around your house to mark them. Cats mark their territory to let other cats know that it belongs to them. Even though it is more common for male cats to spray, female ones can also spray. Once a cat starts to spray, it is very difficult to get them to stop, even if you take them in to have the fixed at this point. Cat spray has a very distinct and strong smell and can be very hard to get out of the house.

You will have an easier time containing your cat

If you want your cat to be an inside cat, then you will find it much easier to keep them in the house if they have been fixed. A male cat will get a strong desire to go outside and breed with females in the neighborhood that are in season. Female cats will try hard to get outside to find a male to breed with when they are in season. You may find your unaltered cat trying to squeeze through your legs to get out when you open the door, or breaking through the screens on your windows to get out.

There will be less chances of your cat getting in fights

If you have more than one cat, or there is any chance of your cat getting outside, then having the cat fixed can decrease the chances that you will have to deal with cat fights. Both genders of cats will be more territorial when they aren’t fixed, and this means they will have a heightened chance of getting into fights with other cats that they come into contact with.

When you bring your new cat home, you will want to make an appointment for them to have an exam, so you can get a clear bill of health for them, or have any problems that are discovered treated. While you are there, discuss with the veterinarian like one from 1st Pet Veterinary Centers when would be the best time to have the cat fixed and set up an appointment to have it done.