Keeping My Dog Healthy

Is Your Pooch Packing On The Pounds? 4 Tips To Get It Back Into Shape

Obesity isn't just a problem that affects humans. It can also affect your pets. In fact, recent studies show that just over half of all US pets are overweight or obese. Obesity can cause serious health risks for your four-legged friends. If you've noticed that your dog has been packing on the pounds, here are some steps you can take to curtail the problem. Visit the Vet Before you begin your overweight pet on any weight-loss plan, it's important that you pay a visit to the veterinarian. Read More 

Three Natural Ways To Keep Fleas Off Your Cat

When your cat becomes infested with fleas, the situation can be a nightmare – for both you and your cat. Not only does your cat have to deal with itchy skin, but you have to deal with pesky fleas in your carpet biting your legs. There are many flea repellants on the market that will keep fleas from taking up residence on your cat. But some cats are sensitive to the chemicals these treatments utilize – and some owners don't want to be putting such strong pesticides on their animals' skin. Read More 

Does It Sound Like Your Dog Swallowed A Goose? Understanding The Reverse Sneeze And How You Can Quell A Spell

It can be disturbing to owners the first time they observe their dogs in the throes of reverse sneezing episodes. Reverse sneezing can sound and appear as though the dog is in respiratory distress and has something lodged in his nasal passages. Some owners describe the sound of a reverse sneeze to that of a goose honking. If your dog launches into episodes of frantic snorting, understanding the cause of reverse sneezing will put your mind at ease and reveal a simple trick that you can perform at home to quell the attack. Read More 

What Should You Do After Your Cat Has Gotten Into A Fight?

Cats have never been the most sociable animals, and territorial squabbles between neighborhood pets are a relatively common occurrence. Most of these fights are small and never witnessed by humans, but every once in a while your cat may get involved in an all-out brawl. If you see your cat fighting another or your pet comes home scratched and roughed up, you should walk through these four steps to make sure your pet has emerged from the scuffle unscathed. Read More 

What Pet Owners Should Know About Electro-Stim For Pets

The idea of using electricity on your pet in the form of electro-stim may initially seem frightening. After all, electricity can be very dangerous, and even mild electrical shocks can be painful. However, there's nothing to fear from electro-stim, and there are many ways that your pet may benefit. Keep reading to learn more about electro-stim, how it works, and why you don't need to be afraid of it. What Electro-Stim Is Used For Read More 

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Keeping My Dog Healthy

I have always been an animal lover, but a few years ago when I got my first dog, I felt what it was like to truly care about an animal. My pet and I quickly became fast friends, and we went everywhere together. After we had grown quite close, I realized that I would die if anything happened to her, which is why I decided to search for a great veterinarian who could help me out. I found a great pet doctor who took preventive care and medical maintenance seriously, and we worked together to get my dog vaccinated. This blog is all about keeping your pet healthy so that you can enjoy a long, fun life together.

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